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Expiration Date

The outcome of any national cook-off is uncertain at best, but when one of the judges is murdered things become more topsy-turvy than a pineapple upside down cake. To make matters worse, Sherry’s recipe is the one the judge taste-tested before he expired. She is front and center on the suspect list. In an attempt to clear her name, she cautiously sets out to identify the murderer. The more she snoops the more ingredients are added to this recipe for intrigue. The heat in the contest kitchen becomes nearly unbearable when her life is threatened. Will Sherry be able to boil down the clues she uncovers to a satisfying conclusion before her goose is cooked? 

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Final Roasting Place

Sherry’s briny cucumbers are selling well at the Farmer’s market, but when she competes in the finals of a local cable TV’s cook-off she’s the one in a pickle. The on-air anchor monitoring the competition is murdered and the weapon used is a punch tool from her father's Ruggery store. Her Dad rises to the top of the suspect list. Sherry sets out to clear his name and uncover who hated the TV personality enough to leave her more lifeless than overcooked filet mignon.


Review of FINAL ROASTING PLACE in Urban Book Reviews:


“Final Roasting Place by Devon Delaney delivers both mystery and humor… Action, intrigue, and a bunch of clues as to who may or may not have committed the crime. The cast is enjoyable to follow along.”

–Urban Book Reviews

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Guilty As Charred

This book has well-written characters. I love how the author’s writing just flows through the pages. This is a cute cozy mystery.

~Because I said so — and other adventures in Parenting


A great mystery full of quirky characters and mouth-watering food that will keep you hooked until the very end. Perfect for fans of culinary-themed cozies.

~Books a Plenty Book Reviews


Cook-off competitions can be crazy, engaging and engrossing but small time life can be hectic and homicidal!

~A Wytch’s Book Review Blog


Guilty as Charred by Devon Delaney is a delightful mystery with wonderful characters and a lovely small town setting. It has food, murder, and everything that leads us to a great whodunit.

~Baroness’ Book Trove


5.0 out of 5 stars You will not want to stop reading .... or snacking !!

Reviewed in the United States on March 8, 2021

The Cook-Off Mystery series by Devon Delaney should come with a warning label.....Read with caution and a snack !! You are going to want to read carefully so you can stay on top of things as well as have a snack handy because you are going to be surrounded by food and killers !! - Cozy Mystery Book Reviews


This is a fun read with red herrings to keep every reader guessing. I love the descriptions of the food and cook offs in this series.- Cozy Cat Reviews

5 Stars. 

A book set in New England with a lot of food will always be a winner to me.  I've enjoyed this series from the first book and this latest one does not disappoint.  The cooking competition theme is one that continues to keep me going back to the series as well as likable characters that I'd like to meet.


Well-written and an easy read.  Just be prepared to be hungry after finishing it. - NetGalley Reviewer


Eat, Drink and be Wary
Eat, Drink and be Wary.jpg

Double Chocolate Cookie Murder


This is a very fun and rollicking mystery that stays light-hearted even as the case gets more complicated, building towards a get-all-of-the-suspects-together-in-a-room conclusion. Cooking, holiday celebrations, and moving family drama all make for the perfect end-of-the-year escape. - King's River Life magazine

I think the author did well by this entry in the series and I eagerly await the next. Highly recommended. -


Half Baked Alibi

This is the sixth book in the Cook Off series, but it's my first. Sherry is a delightful protagonist and I love how she participates in cook-offs for fun. There was an interesting plot that kept me reading. The author, Devon Delaney, describes the ins and outs of how cooking contests operate so smoothly and I loved it. - GoodReads Contributor

Overall, a marvelous cozy and a very worthwhile read. I can't wait to see what the author has in store for Sherry and her dog Chutney, a Jack Russell terrier in book #7 and like me, you might want to start the series from the beginning. Very highly recommended. - NetGalley contributor


The luck of the Irish runs out when a young nanny from Dublin is killed in the new Cook-Off Mystery . . .

Not long after her family’s store suffers serious damage in a punishing nor’easter, things go from bad to worse for Sherry Oliveri when her new neighbors’ nanny is killed. It soon comes to light that the sous chef for her brother’s food truck was with the young woman the night she was murdered, and the police have him squarely in their crosshairs as the main suspect. With the store closed for repairs, Sherry puts her extra free time to work trying to clear his name.

Juggling impromptu cook-offs and her investigation, Sherry learns that before the nanny was murdered, she was an endless source of old Irish folktales and superstitions, most of them forecasting gloom and doom for any who didn’t heed their warnings. Wondering if the young woman foresaw her own demise, Sherry starts looking for hints she might have left behind—and discovers an enigmatic clue in her own store’s attic. Deciphering the note and unraveling the case will take Sherry on a trip through Irish mythology that leads right back to her family store’s very doorstep . 

Murder For Good Measure

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